Waste collection services typically occur between 7 AM and 3 PM local time.

Single Stream Recycling

Valley Waste Solutions is a proud supporter of a cleaner, greener Colorado and we encourage residents to recycle. Today more than ever recyclable products are common and our programs and services make recycling convenient and worry-free for our customers. We provide a single-stream residential recycling program (also known as “fully commingled” recycling), which means all recyclables are placed in one bin for convenient curbside pickup. You no longer have to sort your recycling, it all goes in the same bin.

At Valley Waste Solutions we are committed to recycling the right way. As stewards of both the environment and the community, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to provide our customers with the necessary information to recycle properly. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Our company works in conjunction with Pitkin County Landfill in the collection of recyclables using a Single Stream Method.

The purpose is reduced materials sent to landfills and greenhouse effect.

Some Things to Know:

Waste collection services typically occur between 7 AM and 3 PM local time, please make sure that your trash and recycle containers is outside at 7 AM. Make sure the lid on your container is completely closed so that our drivers can service them safely.

When preparing recycling for pickup, please follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Flatten all cardboard boxes.
  • Empty and rinse all containers. Do not flatten containers.
  • Do not place items in plastic bags.

Helpful tips on recycling certain products:

Not sure whether the item is recyclable or not? Here are some quick rules of thumb to consider for each type of
material many would consider recyclable:

Plastics: Only recycle plastic bottles and tubs. This is typically a #1 through #7 plastic and
only pertains to the bottles and tubs. Here are some examples of plastic bottles that are okay to recycle:

  • Soda, water, and juice bottles.
  • Liquid detergent and other cleaning supply bottles.
  • Condiment bottles (ketchup, mustard, etc).
  • Milk jugs and orange juice jugs (no paper cartons).
  • Shampoo bottles and liquid soap dispensers.
  • Peanut butter jars (please rinse out).
  • Butter and yogurt tubs.

Steel: Please make sure any aerosol cans are completely empty. This includes containers such as shaving cream and hairspray cans. Labels are okay.

Office Paper: All types of office paper are accepted. If you can tear it, we can take it. All colors are fine as well. Don’t worry about paper clips, staples, tape, and sticky notes. These are all okay in the mix. NO TYVEK (polyethylene fiber) plastic or overnight mailing folders.

Bulk or Junk Mail: This material is okay as well. Do not worry about any stamps or staples or sticky notes in this material, either. Remember, if you can tear it, we can take it. Again, NO TYVEK (polyethylene fiber) plastic or overnight mailing folders.

Magazines, Catalogs, Phone Books: Please discard plastic bags around these items and items such as CDs and magnets. Everything else is okay.

Accepted for Recycling:

  • Aluminum
  • Paper bags
  • Cardboard – Flattened
  • Paperboard – Cereal & other food boxes
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Junk or Bulk mail
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers – including inserts
  • Phone Books
  • Recyclable Plastic bottles #1-7
  • Metal/Steel/Tin cans
  • Office paper
  • Phone Books
  • Milk/juice cartons

Not Accepted for Recycling:

  • DO NOT put recycling in plastic bags
  • NO Plastic bags of any sort
  • NO  Packing material (bubble wrap/foam peanuts/air pillows)
  • NO Plastic film
  • NO Foam food containers
  • NO Shredded paper
  • NO  Glassware, window glass, windshield glass
  • NO Styrofoam (even if it has a recycle symbol)
  • NO Light bulbs
  • NO Pizza boxes 
  • NO Freezer food boxes
  • NO Household hazardous waste (paint/weed killer/cleaners/oil)
  • NO Soft paper (Kleenex tissues/paper towels/paper napkins)
  • NO Ceramics dishware 
  • NO Propane canisters