Businesses include, but are not limited to retail, restaurants, office buildings, shopping plazas, apartments and condominium complexes, Homeowners Associations, Ranches, and Non-profits organizations. We offer 96-gallon containers and dumpsters ranging in size from 2-yard to 8-yard capacities for waste, recycle and cardboard. Both dumpsters and trash containers provide cost-effective, hassle-free waste management and can be temporarily or permanently placed on-site to meet the unique needs of your business.
Taking into account the seasonal trends in our communities we can easily adjust the frequency of waste removal for your business throughout the year.  At Valley Waste Solutions will track your trends in usage and will gladly adjust container sizes throughout the year to ensure efficient collection at the lowest possible price.
Bear resistant dumpsters come in the same varying sizes with bear-resistant metal lids or doors and locking mechanisms. Give us a call, we can help you choose the container that works best for your business.
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Commercial Services:

  • Special Pickups and Events
  • Temporary containers for cleanups, or special needs
  • Light Construction or remodel
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Bi-Monthly and on-call services

Commercial Waste and recycle container services available:

  • 18 gallon recycle bin
  • 96-gallon recycling bin
  • 2-8 yard dumpster for waste and single-stream recycling and cardboard


2-6 yard dumpster

2 yard Commercial Dumpster

  • Holds: 400 pounds, 13-14 bags
  • Height: 47″ Width: 71″ Length: 34″

3 yard Commercial Dumpster

  • Holds: 600 pounds, 20-21 bags
  • Height: 54″ Width: 71″ Length: 42″

4 yard Commercial Dumpster

  • Holds: 800 pounds, 26-28 bags
  • Height: 61″ Width: 71″ Length: 50″

6 yard Commercial Dumpster

  • Holds: 1200 pounds, 40-42 bags
  • Height: 70″ Width: 72″ Length: 68″

8 yard dumpster

  • Holds: 1600 pounds, 52-54 bags 
  • Height: 75″ Width: 72″ Length: 82″


Acceptable Items Include:

  • General commercial-related trash
  • Food service waste
  • Non-hazardous medical garbage